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painting-contractor-costa-mesa-caSierra West Painting Company – Serving Southern California for over 20 years with fully trained expert staff. No project is too big or too small. From large construction projects to small home improvements Sierra West Painting Company is the right choice for you.

Professionalism, Quality of Work, Competitive Pricing and Excellent Customer Service are the Corner Stones of Our Business.

Tracking down an outstanding Residential Painting Contractor for your property or residence may be extremely hard. It is obvious that just because someone goes to the paint store and grabs some basic painting necessities does not make them a true professional painter. So beware, you might regret being hasty and hiring the wrong painter.We really believe that painting is an art. We do not understand why some people think that throwing paint up on a wall is no big deal. There are many minute details to pay attention to when it comes to doing an outstanding paint job. These seemingly small details add up and can really affect the finished product and look of your home’s interior.

Of course, painting prep work is one of the many crucial steps to properly completing any paint job. Having clean surfaces and proper tools is essential to getting the job done right. Putting on even coats is also crucial. Unfortunately, you do not often notice uneven or blotchy paint spots until the long after the paint is already dried. Sometimes we like to do only one coat of paint. However, the appropriate amount of coats is what assists to develop an even-looking finish. This is a common mistake made by amateur painters. Color matching is additionally crucial for all paint jobs.

You might find many options on the internet for a painting contractor to come and paint your home in the Costa Mesa, CA area. It is hard to figure out which painters are worth their salt and which are just looking for a speedy buck, regardless of the way your walls turn out. If you are looking for a painter that you can really rely on, you have come to the right place. At Sierra West Painting, we really care for all of our customers and the homes we paint. You will not be sorry you called us.

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